I remember all the things you used to say,
the way you could wipe my tears away.
I remember all the times we shared,
and I knew you were the only person who cared.

I remember always looking up to you,
when I needed advice, I knew yours was true.
Now, when I need help, I don't know what to do;
as fate would have it, I'm living life without you.

I wonder what would have happened that one night,
if I had gone with you, would I have had to put up a fight?
The selfish thoughts and selfish fears,
every time I think of it, I cry a thousand tears.

Why did it happen that late night?
The car wreck, the shattered windows
and lastly that bright light.
When you woke up, you felt ok,
but if they'd only known,
you would still be here today.

I know it's not just me you left,
and the pain I feel I just can't confess.
Your family, your loved ones, they hurt too;
they know what its like to bury you.

And the one possession that I kept
was the ring you gave me before you left.
So I keep this ring very close to my heart,
because it's the only way I know we'll never be apart.

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